Lead Management System

The process of tracking and managing potential clients is known as lead management. It comprises the following procedures, which are sometimes referred to as client acquisition management or contact management.

Lead generation

Businesses use a variety of marketing methods to pique consumer interest in their products or services. Blog postings, advertisements, white papers, social media, events, and public relations initiatives are common examples.

Marketing consumers respond with enthusiasm, and their information is recorded. A sales lead is created as a result of this.

Customer Enquiry and Capture

Filtering, grading, distribution, and contact

Leads are ranked depending on their chance of becoming a customer, and then distributed to sales reps to be contacted. Depending on the size of your marketing program, defining how to effectively categorize and filter individual leads can take a lot of time.

Leads are classified into contacted and uncontacted categories, and follow-up processes are scheduled. They could be included in drip marketing campaigns or contacted by a company representative over the phone. If the procedure results in a sale, the lead has progressed through the sales funnel and become a customer. But the work isn’t done yet.

Lead Nurturing

As a company grows, lead management becomes more complicated — managing 200 leads is very different from managing 2,000, 20,000, or even 200,000. When those leads become customers, firms must keep nurturing those relationships. In short, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness requires constant follow-up. Contact us for the software solutions, we are the Best Software development company.

Software Modules

  • Lead Management
  • Follow Up Management
  • Sales Converter
  • Report Generator
  • Marketing Manager

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